Worship Symposium with Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid is a dynamic and inspiring teacher dedicated to helping musicians elevate their gifts to new heights. In this Worship Symposium, she will share proven methods for preparation and offer valuable insights to inspire worship leaders and those seeking to advance in their music ministry. Rachel will also impart divine revelations on praise and worship that the Lord has shared with her.


Learn and Grow in Your Music Ministry

Attendees will gain comprehensive knowledge about the role of a Worship Leader, Music Director, and the dynamics of corporate worship. Whether you work with the children’s ministry, sing at a convalescent center, or lead worship in any setting, this symposium offers keys to maximize the potential of the gifts the Lord has bestowed upon you.


Worship as a Lifestyle

As Rachel often emphasizes, “Worship is not just a slow song during your service or something you do only in church. Worship is a lifestyle.” This symposium encourages you to embody worship in all aspects of your life.


Host the Worship Symposium

You are invited to request this Worship Symposium at your church, ministry, school, home group, or any gathering where you wish to enrich your worship experience. Rachel Reid’s teachings are designed to inspire and elevate the worship experience for all participants.



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