Rachel Reid: International Page

The vision for Rachel Reid’s ministry to the nations is to create an inspiring worship experience that bridges the cultures and people of every region of the world. Through the universal language of music, Rachel aims to lead others to an authentic encounter with God.

Concerts and Events in Mexico

Rachel Reid has performed concerts and hosted events throughout Mexico, including a significant highlight of opening for Joel Upperground at an outdoor festival. This event drew hundreds of people towards Christ, showcasing the powerful impact of music ministry.

Empowering Others Through Music Symposiums

Rachel is passionate about empowering and encouraging others to use their musical gifts for the Kingdom. She has conducted numerous music symposiums, helping many individuals strengthen their calling and enhance their ministry through music.

International Tour in Australia

Rachel’s International Tour in Perth, Australia, spanned over 30 days and included several cities. The mission outreaches during this tour significantly impacted the younger generation, spreading the message of Christ through powerful worship experiences.

Dominican Republic Music and Ministry Tour

The Dominican Republic Music and Ministry Tour saw children coming out in large numbers to hear about Jesus and experience the power of music. Rachel’s ministry touched many young lives, introducing them to the love of Christ through worship.

Haitian Refugee Camp Outreach

In Sousua, at the Haitian refugee camp, children experienced the profound impact of praise and worship. Rachel understands the deep connection between children and the heart of God, and she joyfully reaches out to the children of the nations with her music. Her ministry has changed countless lives, evident in the joy and transformation seen in these young hearts.

Global Mission Field

From arenas and crusades to conferences and churches, Rachel Reid’s mission field is ripe for the harvest. The Power of Music will continue to go forth, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and touching lives across the globe.


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