Rachel Reid, an acclaimed Christian singer-songwriter, worship leader, and author, epitomizes the essence of worship through her powerful ministry. With a profound commitment to spreading the message of God’s love and freedom, Rachel ignites the hearts of diverse audiences worldwide.

As a seasoned minister of worship, Rachel’s passion transcends boundaries, captivating youth, children, and individuals of all ages. Through her dynamic performances and heartfelt teachings, she instills the joy of true worship, guiding countless souls to encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Since the inception of Power of Music Ministries in 2001, Rachel’s impact has flourished. Her repertoire spans multiple music projects and insightful literary works, enriching the spiritual journey of her followers. Fluent in Spanish, Rachel extends her outreach to the vibrant Latin community, fostering unity and faith through bilingual worship experiences.

Rachel’s dedication extends beyond music, encompassing extensive missionary endeavors across the globe, from the Dominican Republic to Australia. Her ministry has garnered recognition on esteemed platforms like Trinity Broadcasting Network, amplifying her message of hope and redemption.

Complementing her musical prowess, Rachel is a fervent advocate for community welfare, founding Foundation 61 Inc. in 2004. Through this non-profit organization, she spearheads initiatives for underprivileged children and families, embodying the selfless love of Christ in tangible ways.

As a devoted wife and mother, Rachel exemplifies the integration of faith into daily life, emphasizing Jesus as the cornerstone of every endeavor. Her ministry challenges audiences to embrace a lifestyle of worship, transcending comfort zones to embrace the transformative presence of God.

Experience the liberation and authority found in God’s presence—join Rachel Reid on a journey of spiritual empowerment through the Power of Music! This explosive ministry encourages audiences out of their comfort zone, to seek the presence of God through everyday worship, and to walk in the authority and freedom of God. Always knowing that one can be free by the power of God…through the Power of Music!


“For My Good December 2023”

(Single) Full Album 2024

“Fuego Abrazador © 2004″

Will Saturate Every Soul With High Energy Latin Sounds That Will Inspiration You To Dance, Praise And Sing Of His Goodness. Embracing Fire Is The Theme Of Her New Album. Truly This Will Be A Fire That Will Ignite Every Soul. This Is An Album Like You Have Never Heard Before.

“Liberty © 2003″

Features Songs That Captivate Every Heart Bringing Freedom And Deliverance To All Who Hear It.

“Celebrate The Child © 2004” And “There Was My King © 2005”

A Beautiful Collection Of Christmas Classics Celebrating The Songs Of The Season.

“Amplified” © 1997, “XXtreme Fire” © 1999

Recorded with New Covenant Tabernacle Youth Band XXtreme Fire.

“Follow Your Dreams © 2003″

Is A Journey To A Place Where Many Desire To Go But Stop Short Of Reaching. You Can Reach Your Destination And Walk Towards Victory. Every Page Is An Uplifting Trip Through The Life Of Joseph The “Dreamer” And Also Of The Life Of The Author. Once You Have Read This Book, You Will Never Be The Same Again.  If You Know Someone That Just Needs That Little Encouragement To Pursue Their Dreams Or Perhaps This May Be You, Don’t Wait.  Start On Your Way To Follow Your Dreams And Let Them Take You Higher!  © 2007

“Gone Up With A Shout…Hearing Beyond The Music.”

Is A Book For All True Worshipers That Desire A Deeper Walk With God And The Ability To Hear Beyond The Music And Listen To The Heart Of God. It Also Covers Steps For Those That Want To Get Involved In The Music Ministry, From Children To That Of The Recording Artist. This Is A Message For The Last Day Believers Who Want To Seek God In Truth. This Is For Those That Want To Worship The Lord And Create An Atmosphere Of Worship For Corporate Audiences, Removing The Attitude Of Performance And Developing A Spirit Of A Minister Of Music. Anointed By God Or Appointed Only By Man, Which Are You? 


Curriculum, Manuals and Handbooks @ 2005 Faith Based Children And Youth Military Awards And Mentoring Program.

“RIOT Workshop”

© 2005, 2023 Workshop Curriculum And Worksheets For Youth And Young Adults That Desire A Closer Walk With God. Areas Of Focus Are, Choices, Purity, Media, Music, Relationships, Goals, Success, Worship, And Prayer, And More.


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