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Rachel Reid is a powerful teacher that will inspire others to bring their music gift to the next level. She will present the method of preparation, and all things to inspire worship leaders and those desiring to go higher in their music ministry. Rachel will share what the Lord has shared with her regarding praise and worship.

You can also learn more about the role of a Worship Leader, Music Director, corporate worship, whether you work with the children’s ministry or if you sing at a convalescent center. There are some keys to help you make the most of all the Lord has given to each of the attendees.

As Rachel always says, “Worship is not a slow song during your service or something that you only do in church, but Worship is a lifestyle”. You are encouraged to request this Worship Symposium at your church, ministry, school, home group or any gathering in which you would like this to be presented.

These are some of the topics that are covered:

  • What is Music?
  • Created to Praise
  • Anointed vs. Appointed
  • Self-Encouragement
  • Organizing Rehearsals/Schedules
  • Creativity/Personalization
  • Writing a song
  • Beware of the “Superstar” Mentality
    Pride & Jealousy come looking for you
  • Just Love them

Your ministry will never be the same again. Sign up today to request Rachel to come and share the Power of Music Worship Symposium at your location.

The symposium sessions can be a 3 hour class or an all-day event including worship by Rachel Reid at your location.

To make reservations for the Power of Music Worship Symposium, call (619) 713-0741 or email your request to booking@rachelreid.net

*This is also available in Spanish.

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