GONE UP WITH A SHOUT…Hearing Beyond the Music Copyright © 2007 Rachel Reid



The purpose of this book is to define and to some re-define the responsibilities of worship for every believer. The main features include the power of music and the importance of using music to reach the unbeliever and strengthen the believer to draw closer to God. Spiritual elements, practical applications together bring balance into your music ministry. This book can effectively be used to train and teach every one directly involved with music in your church, group or ministry. Not a musician or singer? This book is also for you. Music is a tool that can minister to everyone. You too must learn how to “Hear Beyond the Music” and listen for what the spirit of God has to say to you. Music has the power to create and to destroy; what is it doing for your life, ministry and family? Only you can answer that question and this book can guide you through the journey.

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